brand protection on Amazon - 1st sale doctrine

As an Amazon brand manager, it is essential to understand how the 1st sale doctrine impacts your right to control the unauthorized resale of your products on

The 1st sale doctrine provides that an individual who legally purchases a product (protected by trademark), also receives the right to sell, display or otherwise dispose of that particular product, notwithstanding the interests of the intellectual property owner.

Essentially, the first sale doctrine allows anyone to legally resell a genuine product, without brand authorization, as long as there is nothing materially different in what the consumer receives. Therefore, to enforce unauthorized sales, Amazon brand managers need to understand how to ensure that their products fall outside of the first sale doctrine.

To keep unauthorized sellers off of your Amazon listings, your brand’s direct customers must receive their product along with some other benefit that another third party seller or unauthorized seller cannot deliver.

If a consumer buys your product from the brand directly or one of your authorized sellers, they should receive an end-user warranty, a copyright protected insert, or some other add-on benefit that an unauthorized seller cannot provide if the product is resold. When you do this, you take your product outside of the first sale doctrine, and have valid grounds upon which to file complaints to protect your brand’s sales.

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