At Rosenbaum & Segall, our team of experienced attorneys have an extensive practice in helping brands create distribution agreements that align with their goals of Unauthorized Seller Removal and MAP Price Enforcement. We understand that protecting a brand’s Intellectual Property is crucial, especially when products are sold on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Our lawyers work closely with clients to implement quality controls and other strict policies throughout their authorized distribution channels, combatting issues caused by unauthorized sellers and setting up the legal basis required to enable a brand to take formal action against unauthorized and otherwise infringing re-sellers of their products. Simply put, we help brands “beat” the First Sale Doctrine, so that they have a legally compliant mechanism to remove unauthorized sellers for infringement of their intellectual property.

Our law firm helps draft various types of distribution agreements, including authorized distributor agreements, exclusive distributor agreements, supplier distribution agreements, retail distributor agreements, Amazon and e-commerce distributor agreements, and more. These agreements are invaluable to brand owners because they limit the distribution of products by Authorized Sellers through specific channels and subject to the brand’s policies and rules. More importantly, this requirement makes it impossible for Unauthorized Resellers to offer products in “manufacturer’s condition,” thus, allowing the brand to confidently defend claims that the First Sale Doctrine applies to their products.

To ensure customers receive authentic and high-quality products, we assist brands and Intellectual Property owners in establishing strict quality controls within their distribution agreements. This is done by only allowing end-user consumers to purchase products from Authorized Sellers, including Authorized Distributors, Authorized Resellers, and Authorized Retailers. Our law firm helps draft Distribution Agreements that limit Authorized Sellers to distribute products through specific channels, and subject to the brand’s policies and rules. These restrictions ensure that only products that meet the brand’s quality standards are sold by Authorized Sellers, eliminating the risk of counterfeits or unsafe products being sold and protecting the consumer experience.

If you’re looking to protect your brand’s Intellectual Property and establish strict quality controls over your products, contact Rosenbaum & Segall today. Our team is here to help you create effective Distribution Agreements that safeguard your brand’s reputation and bottom line and enforce against Unauthorized Sellers in a legally compliant manner using your intellectual property as a tool to do so.

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