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Amazon Brand Protection (Done the Right Way) Seven Days a Week

We are better at brand protection than Vorys and other firms because we are available seven days a week.

My name is CJ Rosenbaum. I’m one of the founding partners of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com. In this video, I want to explain the benefit of having a brand protection law firm available seven days a week.

Seven days a week, our software will monitor your listings.

Seven days a week, we can send out cease & desist emails from the platform.

Seven days a week, we can address the sellers who contact us as a result of the C&D letters.

When you can resolve an unauthorized seller and persuade that unauthorized seller to get off your Amazon listing, that is the best result of all because it results in close to zero negative ramifications to your brand. You are not needlessly shutting down any business and you are not needlessly causing animosity against your brand.

Seven days a week, we are also available to make the necessary complaints that are well-grounded in the law, that show that your product is outside the First Sale Doctrine and we also know specifically, from cross-examining Amazon’s executives, from questioning Amazon’s staff dozens of times, both here in the United States and in India, what to write in those complaints to effectively, efficiently and quickly remove unauthorized sellers and protect your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about why we are better than Vorys at brand protection, email me and we’ll schedule a time to talk or call 1-877-9-SELLER and we will schedule a consultation where we will review your brand, review the Amazon listing hijackers, and have a proposal for you to do your brand protection better than Vorys.

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