investing in brand protection

Investing in Brand Protection in an Age Ruled by Amazon

Faster, more efficient, less costly; the entire retail landscape has changed for brand managers now that secures the vast majority of retail sales in the United States.

In an age ruled by Amazon, brand managers must take special consideration of the current ecommerce landscape to better control online sales and achieve success. Essentially, protecting your brand value now requires sophisticated knowledge of Amazon and how it works.

To protect against brand erosion in an Amazon dominant landscape, a brand manager must build specific safeguards directly into their intellectual property rights, contracts, authorization agreements, distribution agreements, map pricing agreements, and gray market controls. This means brands must make an investment to scale their brand protection program the right way in order to grow business in the current online retail climate. If executed well, your brand’s return on investment (ROI) for brand protection should absolutely result in increased profits, simply because you will immediately begin to recoup all of your product sales from unauthorized sellers.

Since Rosenbaum Famularo, PC is the brand protection law firm behind, our lawyers’ expertise is unmatched when it comes to controlling unauthorized sales on the Amazon platform. Our attorneys are not only competent about laws that impact brands (like the first sale doctrine) but we also have unmatched experience with exactly how those laws pertain to Amazon.

We have already authored six books exclusively geared towards Amazon sellers and brands, and we have relationships with tens of thousands of Amazon sellers and brands around the world. We have tried and tested the most persuasive ways to communicate with unauthorized sellers and, due to the reputation we have earned, our firm’s name simply has more weight when it comes to communicating with unauthorized Amazon sellers. Finally, we use inside industry information gained from cross-examining Amazon’s executives in arbitrations and through speaking with dozens of Amazon’s staff members, to effectively protect your brand.

In sum, our unmatched experience with Amazon results in more speed and cost effectiveness in scaling your brand protection program and recouping your sales from unauthorized sellers.

Once we efficiently scale your brand protection program, putting the right basic elements in place the first time, we can then write an effective complaint on Amazon which will effectively recoup control of your product sales from an unauthorized Amazon seller in just twenty-four hours.

It is essential to approach IP protection on Amazon the right way so that investing in brand protection always results in higher profits from increased sales.