brand protection law firm background

IP Protection Done The Right Way: nothing is outsourced when it comes to brand control.

What I want to talk to you about is who is handling the brand protection work to make sure that the C & D letters that go out are done appropriately, that the complaints are phrased properly, and that you’re not doing anything against an Amazon seller that may come back and cause more harm to your brand than simply somebody else selling your products.

In my law firm, nothing is outsourced when it comes to brand control. Absolutely nothing is sent out to other companies within the United States or to virtual assistants outside the United States.

Every single aspect, from evaluating what your intellectual property rights are, how your warranty helps get rid of other sellers, to making the cease and desist letters and the complaints are done in house. It is all supervised or done by a lawyer. The work that is not done by an attorney is done by college-educated paralegals right here in our New York office.

There is absolutely no outsourcing of the practice of law. Since our brand protection team doesn’t do anything else but protect brands, they are incredibly fast and efficient at getting the tasks involved in brand control done the right way.