enforce your brand on Amazon

When you trust Rosenbaum Famularo, PC to enforce your brand on Amazon, all of your brand protection work is handled by our New York based attorneys and paralegals. We never outsource the practice of law.

reduce counterfeit sales on AmazonFurther, since we have a team a lawyers and paralegals that only focus on Amazon brand protection, we are exceptionally fast and efficient at reaching your goals without exposing your business to any unnecessary risk or consequences. Specifically, our brand protection lawyers will ensure your claims have legal merit, that any cease and desist letters sent on your behalf are appropriately articulated, and that any complaints against other sellers are written and filed properly the first time.

Essentially, our lawyers help you avoid unnecessary consequences & conflicts which could ultimately cause more harm to your brand than unauthorized sales alone.

To enforce your brand on Amazon, we first work with you to evaluate your existing intellectual property rights. We then guide you on how to strengthen and increase the value of those rights and ensure the unauthorized resale of your product is no longer protected by the First Sale Doctrine. Once you have legal ground to remove unauthorized sellers, we will send cease and desist letters to unauthorized sellers of your products to notify them of their violations. If the seller does not comply, we file a formal Amazon complaint and have them removed from your listing, usually within 24 hours. All of these steps are carried out in our New York office by a lawyer or a college educated paralegal working under a lawyer’s supervision.

We believe one reason our law firm is more successful than other law firms at protecting brands on Amazon is due to our availability to work on your case seven days a week. We monitor your listings and send out cease and desist emails seven days a week. Even more importantly, we can answer unauthorized seller responses to our cease and desist letters seven days a week. It is important to resolve disputes quickly because there is a lower chance of negative ramifications for your brand. Not only do you recoup unauthorized sales faster, but you also avoid needlessly harming other sellers and causing unnecessary acrimony against your brand. However, if and when you must make a formal complaint against another seller, our lawyers have ensured those claims are legitimate, firmly grounded in the law, and never frivolous.

Finally, we are certain our lawyers write the most effective Amazon complaints of any other law firm because we draw from knowledge gained through years of cross examining Amazon’s executives in arbitrations, questioning Amazon’s staff, and helping Amazon sellers fight baseless complaints. To our knowledge, our firm still has unmatched experience with Amazon intellectual property issues over any other law firm.

Our experience ensures the complaints we file on your behalf on Amazon are effective and efficient to remove unauthorized sellers and, therefore, protect your sales and increase your return on investment (ROI) in brand protection.