The Egyptian Goddess Standard

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The Egyptian Goddess Standard: Product IP Infringement Test

The Egyptian Goddess Standard basically changed the way that products are viewed in court.

Before the Egyptian Goddess Standard, products were seen through the Novelty Test, testing whether 2 products were similar enough to allege infringement. The Novelty Test looked at individual design features or a combination of multiple features and whether those were seen in prior art.

If you’re making a complaint about a product that you believe is infringing upon your private label product, or you’re a rock band and you think a design on someone’s t-shirt is too close to one of yours, when you allege infringement, what Amazon is going to do is look at the two products and say, “ok, is this product really infringing?” Amazon uses the Egyptian Goddess Test, which is very visual in nature. Does the alleged infringing product LOOK really similar to your product?

What Sellers Need to Know

If someone is hijacking your listing, and they look visually similar, and you could yourself apply the Egyptian Goddess Test, you can use that as an argument to knock other sellers off.

If someone has accused you of violating their product, and they are visually similar, you can use that argument on the other side of the fence.

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