Packaging Development for Private Label Sellers

Packaging can be an equally protectable and substantial part of your brand.

When creating packaging for your product, there are many issues to consider. Read on below..


Packaging is three dimensional. Do not ignore the nooks and crannies, rather, reward the customer with an appealing design that spans the whole outside of the package. Additionally, expanding to the inside of the packaging can give a clean and coherent look, while also boosting the perceived quality. [1]

If brands are willing to take time to think of how the inside of the packaging looks, customers may perceive that brand as meticulous and thoughtful.


Packaging does not need to be bold and colorful. Sometimes, simple and clean designs are more effective to help close the sale and develop the brand. Consider using muted tones and non-detailed images along with a contrasted label. The splash of color or complexity may serve as a good counterpoint.


One of the most popular content categories on YouTube are unboxing videos. With packaging development, consider your customers’ unboxing experience. Also, since we know that unboxing videos are popular, consider sending your product to YouTubers to see if they might create a video about unboxing and enjoying your product.

When working on your packaging as part of your brand development, consider what type of product is being sold. Is it a luxury good, a utilitarian good, or somewhere in between? Choose the packaging that enhances the experience for your customers.


Styling of the packaging is an opportunity to be creative with the presentation of the product to prospective customers. Do not feel the need to be constrained by making the packaging’s imagery realistic. The design may include abstract or stylized versions images. This may also be a good opportunity to enhance the cohesiveness of your brand by incorporating stylistic elements of the logo into the images on the packaging.


Texture is something to incorporate into certain features of the packaging, rather than dominate the packaging. Texture can enhance the experience packaging provides. Perhaps consider using raised dots in the same shape as the product inside; or raised lettering in a particular pattern. [2] The overall packaging should appeal to customers’ sense of sight and touch.


The ability to adapt in or to the market is key for a long-lived business.

Consider designing your packaging in a manner that allows you to incorporate other products seamlessly into your lineup. If your design allows new products to be introduced using the same, or similar, packaging, your brand may be able to bring new products to market more efficiently. You will also, hopefully, develop feelings of unity to your brand or product line.

Packaging Development

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