Independent Retailer Conference

JOIN CJ ROSENBAUM AT INDEPENDENT RETAILER CONFERENCE LAS VEGAS – Noted as one of the top eight retail conferences worldwide to attend dedicated to independent store owners.

March 22-25th, 2020: CJ Rosenbaum will be speaking at the Independent Retailer Conference Las Vegas.

Independent Retailer Conference @ ASD Market WeekHe’ll be teaching attendees how to safeguard their businesses from baseless intellectual property right complaints, and giving tools to use every day to defend themselves.

The Independent Retailer Conference is dedicated to the unique lifestyle and responsibilities of indie store owners. It is nationally recognized as a unique, trusted destination for retailers to discover new market data, realistic insight and practical solutions specific for their one-of-a-kind businesses.

Meet industry thought leaders and service providers offering valuable retail education, one-on-one discussions and business solution demonstrations.

CJ at Independent Retailer Conference

The Independent Retailer Conference is held during ASD Market Week, the most comprehensive B2B trade show that brings the world’s widest variety of retail merchandise together in one efficient shopping experience. 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries visit ASD Market Week each year.

Throwback to the July 2019 conference where CJ Rosenbaum was educating retailers about selling on Amazon.

We are beyond thrilled that our team will be returning to the March 2020 conference.


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