How to Build Value into an Amazon Business with Diversity of Products & Factories

Tips for Entrepreneurs Building Value into Amazon Businesses – Part 5

Last, but certainly not least, if there is anything that you can produce profitably here in the United States, the marketing that you can do by made in the USA is absolutely tremendous.

You don’t believe me? Look at WeatherTech. Their marketing is all about made in the USA. Yeah, their products are cool. The plastic mats for your car, protect it. The little cup holder thing to hold your phone, but you could buy those things anywhere around the world. You can get plastic made anywhere, but WeatherTech, WeatherTech makes it right here in the United States of America, creating American jobs.

This is huge for our country as a patriot. It’s also huge for your marketing and your success.

So that is today how to grow, build value, and thrive with your Amazon-based business. Diversify your product line, diversify your sourcing, and make sure you are watching every single one of these videos about how to add value to your Amazon-based business. Take notes. Don’t watch these videos once. Watch them five times. Watch these videos until you know what I’m going to say, until you know the different countries where you can get your products from.

And always, always, always, as a member of the Amazon Training Center, feel free to contact me if you have questions about building value into Amazon businesses. I love talking about this stuff. Me and my entire team are here to help you, and watch every single one of these videos about how to build value into your Amazon-based business.


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